About Us


mobile_authetntication_about_usThe founders of Mobile Authentication Today are experts in the mobile security and mobile authentication industry.   With over 30 years in telecommunications, mobile network operations, and mobile security services we know about mobile authentication in today’s world.

Current corporate trends and government mandates have raised the need, awareness and confusion over BYOD, HSPD-12, 8100.2 and scores of other acronyms that direct enterprise use and implementation of mobile devices throughout the Government and DOD.

We know security and authentication!

It is our goal to help demystify the directives, provide solid guidance and scour the web for the best new and updates to keep you informed, educated, and compliant.

The team at Mobile Authentication Today wants you to bring your own device to work and provide the enterprise the tools they need to be safe, be compliant and be happy with your personal mobile devices.